Friday, 7 February 2014

Stereotypes... We all know what they mean and what they do to a lot of people
So... why do we keep saying them?
Seriously, I´m tired of them I´ve seen a lot of people get hurt by all this small sentences.
"You´re not skinny enough"
"Your clothes are ugly"
"Duh... you´re a dumbass"

I´ve been told some of them and I know that, yes I´m fat but WHO CARES? Who doesn´t love food? If my clothes are ugly well sorry honey but I don´t have to wear the last trends to feel FAB. I´m comfortable with what I wear.

Who said that if you don´t look like Barbara Palvin and Cara Delevingne you are ugly?
We all should learn from Jessie Nelson, 1/4 of Little Mix, I´m sure she doesn´t even care what others think of her and that´s why I admire her.

Look how happy she looks.

Love Ilian

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