Saturday, 8 February 2014

I´ve been thinking about this recently and I´ve realised that it is the most accurate thing...
How many times do we attack ourselves thanks to the stereotypes?
Retaking what I said abour them yesterday, we start comparing ourselves to the perfect woman or man, when we come to terms that we are not even close to their appearence we start making aggresive comments about us.
The only thing we are doing is hurting our mind, if we started noticing that perfect women or men don´t exist we would start to realise that we are perfect the way you are, it may sound cheesy, but nobody defined perfection so why do we have to follow certain stereotypes  that a ruined society established?
Don´t let your mind and thoughts attack you, start making positive comments about yourself and smile, don´t let society ruin you!

Love Ilian.

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