Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Monday, 31 March 2014

I love this picture, I still don´t know why but it´s really deep and it represents some of the demons that surround some of us.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

One of the things that stress me the most is the pressure to be perfect.
I´m sorry but perfection doesn´t exist...
And it is, in fact, NOT easy at all trying to please all this kind of examples.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Learn from your mistakes.
Look at the past, just dont stare.
Live the present
Enjoy what you are living right now.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Have a great night.
Love Ilian
This is a post dedicated to the ones who dislike their body.
Let me start by saying that you are beautiful, no matter how much you weight, the tone of your skin or whatever makes you feel uncomfortable.
You may think that you are not beautiful based on society´s definition of beauty.
Yesterday I read a quote I really liked "There are fat cats, thin cats, black cats, cats with big eyes, cats with small eyes and we all can agree that we still love them so... why don´t we treat humans the same?"
We all should learn to respect others  no matter how they look; you may think that you can just offend others without them remembering what you said. I´ll tell you something I was bullied in 4th grade of elementary school and I still can remember what my bullies said to me, so yeah... Think before you act.

Now why do you have to make others feel bad about their bodies complection. What some of you need to learn is to respect and not to judge.

In other hands if you are the one who don´t feel comfortable with your body "Forget the haters 'cause somebody loves you"
You are still beautiful and I´ll like to talk about a great role model, Jennifer Lawrence. She is a gorgeous woman and a great actress and she has said a lot of things againts society´s stereotype of being skinny.
Can she get a round of applauses? I mean I´ve never seen an actress do that. She just proves that the stereotypes affect people and, of course, their self esteem.
The world needs more role models like her that make feel people beautiful no matter their looks.
Do the world a favour and smile, it´s a great shiled against haters. [They´ll see you happy and that will kill them]
Don´t let their words affect you, your personality is better than your body and please don´t forget that you are beautiful.
Love Ilian

Valentine´s day is the cheesies/silliest holiday ever but I actually use this day to thank all of my friends for staying by my side all of the time.
If you feel alone remember that you have me! We may not know each other personally but I´m here for you and you can considere me one of your friends.
Happy Valentine´s day/ Feliz día del amor y la amistad.
Love/Amor Ilian

Never give up on your dreams...
Fight for them and they will come true
Love Ilian

Don´t let others affect you...

Monday, 10 February 2014

We´ve all done this and if you haven´t well...
a) you´re lying.
b) I´m really jealous of your life.

Love Ilian
"Smile on your face even though your heart is frowning"
I think we´ve all said this famous quote...
In my opinion there will always be that one person who is just as awkward/relaxed/out going/ fangirl(boy) who will be by yourside forever.
You just have to find the right one, don´t worry if you feel alone right now in the future your special friend/couple will come eventually.
Love Ilian
Shoutout to Mac Miller
Love Ilian

Saturday, 8 February 2014

SHOW THEM WHO IS THE BOSS HERE, show them that their comments do not affect you. Do not give them the pleasure to know they are hurting.
Prove that you are superior to them.
Leave me a comment and tell me if I´m doing a good work or if I should improve,
Love Ilian
To the people answering "yes" to my poll, I´m here for you if you want to talk. Follow me @sxrfati on Twitter.
Love Ilian
You are stronger than them.

I´ve been thinking about this recently and I´ve realised that it is the most accurate thing...
How many times do we attack ourselves thanks to the stereotypes?
Retaking what I said abour them yesterday, we start comparing ourselves to the perfect woman or man, when we come to terms that we are not even close to their appearence we start making aggresive comments about us.
The only thing we are doing is hurting our mind, if we started noticing that perfect women or men don´t exist we would start to realise that we are perfect the way you are, it may sound cheesy, but nobody defined perfection so why do we have to follow certain stereotypes  that a ruined society established?
Don´t let your mind and thoughts attack you, start making positive comments about yourself and smile, don´t let society ruin you!

Love Ilian.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Stereotypes... We all know what they mean and what they do to a lot of people
So... why do we keep saying them?
Seriously, I´m tired of them I´ve seen a lot of people get hurt by all this small sentences.
"You´re not skinny enough"
"Your clothes are ugly"
"Duh... you´re a dumbass"

I´ve been told some of them and I know that, yes I´m fat but WHO CARES? Who doesn´t love food? If my clothes are ugly well sorry honey but I don´t have to wear the last trends to feel FAB. I´m comfortable with what I wear.

Who said that if you don´t look like Barbara Palvin and Cara Delevingne you are ugly?
We all should learn from Jessie Nelson, 1/4 of Little Mix, I´m sure she doesn´t even care what others think of her and that´s why I admire her.

Look how happy she looks.

Love Ilian

Let´s be honest, we all have thought about this in our worst moments...
Some of us knew how to handle this thanks to our closest friends, but those who are thinking about this option talk about it with someone you feel confortable with... Something that the Internet thought me is that no matter how lonely you feel, you´ll always have a friend, that friend could live in Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, USA, UK, etc and I´m sure they will always be here willing to help.

Just keep fighting, remember that suicide is a permanent decison for a temporal problema.
Love Ilian.

GLEE - Keep Holdin' On